About East End Sound  

East End Sound is a boutique recording studio offering full range of professional audio recording services, delivered with the same quality and special attention you would find at a studio that cost twice as much. The building that currently houses East End Sound recording studio has a long history. Original built in197?, it was the premier  recording studio built by legendary pedal steel guitar player Zane Beck. After Zane passed away in 1985 the studio was managed by a few other people with name changes. Even know the name of the studio has changed several times. Today East End Sound have taken pride and gone to great lengths to preserve the unique atmosphere and the vibe that has attracted so many producers, musicians and engineers to this studio for decades. The newly remodeled recording studio space is currently home to East End Sound.  

   Live Room: 

The Live Room space is built from Ceder. This provides a signature sound that has been heard on hundreds of albums. This room is known for its relatively dry, focused, and punchy sound.  Sounds come alive in this room, rich with detail and low-end punch.  All instruments excel in this room, from drums, guitars, vocals, and bass to strings, percussion, and keyboards. This room has been used to great effect over the years with many jazz, rhythm and blues, country, and rock recordings. You will be amazed at the isolation you can get in The Live Room. You can also have the option to record in separated vocal and drum booth’s. The rooms also has windows so bands can easily maintain eye contact while tracking live. It is the best of both worlds: live feel and total sonic isolation.  

                                                                                                                 Control Room: 

The control room also features the best of analog and digital processing. When you pair the rooms with compliment of vintage outboard gear, just about any vintage and modern sound is at your disposal.   


Most people come here to record music, but we also offer voice over, editing, mixing and transfers.